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We add up years of experience in the development of video games, having worked for companies like Gameloft, Codemasters, etc.

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Gecko Studio

Sweet games made by bitter people
We are passionate about drinking coffee.
Rest of the time, we work hard.

Founded in 2017, Gecko Studio is an independent company that is passionately dedicated to making innovative, world-class games and apps that surprise, entertain and delight players.

Located in Madrid, we are currently producing one mobile social application, and two mobile games. Our aim is to produce award winning games and achieve worldwide App Store and Google play features, getting fantastic reviews from critics, and most importantly, love from the players!!

Thanks to our love for gaming, creative philosophy, and hard work, we want to become an important partner for the most prestigious publishers and collaborators to work on a variety of great titles.

  • We love to do games, we have been doing it for years, and will do for plenty more.

  • Keeps us sharp all day long.

  • We create games, and we also play them.

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